The trailer for “Concerning Violence” directed by the same filmmaker who created “The Black Power Mixtape”, Göran Olsson. The documentary centers around the liberation struggles of African countries in the 60s and 70s. Lauryn Hill narrates texts written by Frantz Fanon. Can’t wait to check it out.

Coming to UK later this year

Oh the white business men are the actual bad guys rather than the poor black people who have been the red herring bad guys the whole movie. Racism absolved I guess.

Brick Mansions is such a racist movie, holy shit.

Just unfollowed someone’s Facebook updates because they posted a bacon meme.

Serious question: Why does everyone on the Disney Channel look so weird?


The Face of Another [Tanin no kao] (1966), Hiroshi Teshigahara

blastpete replied to your post “Just remembered that I was once called a “hipster art thief” by a…”

maybe the funniest st john’s drama i can remember

So proud to have been the subject of it.

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I’ve been following your blog long enough that I remember this. Ha.

Only true 2012 (?) kids will remember.

Just remembered that I was once called a “hipster art thief” by a local show promoter because of a collage I did for the cover of a local arts paper that shared thematic similarities to a poster he did for a Protest The Hero show he put off. (It was Godzilla invading St. John’s, which had already been done way before wither of us did it.) It’s probably my all time favourite review of my work.

s/o to cartoonists and anyone who can draw simple shit. That shit’s not easy.