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Has anyone ever used the Unsolved Mysteries theme music in a hip-hop beat?

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Who has access to academic things and wants to find me a decent quality PDF of James Gallant’s essay “The Humiliating UFOs”? The one I have is really difficult to read.

TNI Syllabus: Gaming and Feminism

The last couple weeks have seen a frenzy of organized misogynist harassment of female and feminist game producers, critics and commentators by self-identified “gamers.” Women in all fields face constant harassment just for having the audacity to appear online, let alone doing so to critique white supremacist patriarchy, and we do not want to imply in any way that game critics are alone in this. But because of the particular concentration and visibility of this current misogynist campaign, we wanted to highlight, in solidarity with feminist critics and thinkers everywhere, some of the wonderful, complicated and powerful work that has been done against, outside and in spite of gaming’s heteropatriarchal structures. The simplest, easiest thing we can do in the face of these attacks is to spread the work that has sent these gaming man-children into an apoplectic rage. Many of the thinkers and designers on this list disagree, even vociferously, with one another; this list is not meant to represent a singular viewpoint, nor to imply that feminism is in any way univocal. Nor is this by any means an exhaustive or comprehensive list. It is instead meant as a useful and evolving resource. If we’ve missed a game, blog or piece you love, please send them to Willie [at] And thanks to everyone who helped compile this list–please see the bottom of the syllabus for a list of contributors.


Cee Lo Green is a despicable human being.



Sexual Violence and Neoliberalism - Historical Materialism 


  • Tithi Bhattacharya
  • Jennifer Roesch - Jump to Jennifer (27:28)
  • Silvia Federici - Jump to Silvia (52:40)

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Squab Deep

Squab Deep