I'm Jonathan. These are things that interest me.

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  1. prunellavulgaris answered: I don’t know how FB works, but report that shit. that is horrifying.
  2. dropouthangoutspaceout said: Ideal time for a “cool story bro”
  3. killing--moon said: OMG you’re the leader of the Gay Homo Faggot Special Olympics? You’re an inspiration to us all.
  4. 17north answered: oh good gosh.
  5. uglypr3ttyugly answered: wow.
  6. angelictechno answered: could you maybe post the link? I’d like to read that article but can’t find it on jezebel
  7. cross-my-tea said: Looks like you got called a hipster twice. Who are these morons?
  8. mouthbreathe-err answered: Hipster fuckboy is the best worst insult I’ve ever heard. Those dudes make me vomit in my mouth.
  9. deadsky answered: hhahaha wowwww the ending was spectacular!!! jesus
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    you called me your homie!
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