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WOULD OCCUPIERS ABUSE THE POLICE? (A conversation between Matt Pearce and Malcolm Harris)

@destructuremal: That’s what Milgram and Zimbardo show: ACAB. [All Cops Are Bastards, for the uninitiated.] It’s not about exceptional circumstances within being a cop, being a cop is an exceptional circumstance that makes you terrible.

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Paramilitary Policing From Seattle to Occupy Wall Street | The Nation



This is kind of a must read. Norm Stamper, a former Seattle police chief who was in charge during the WTO riots in 1999, offers an incredibly cogent takedown of police brutality towards Occupy protesters. 

I read this aloud to Luke on the bus today because his phone was out of battery but mine wasn’t.

My support for a militaristic solution caused all hell to break loose. Rocks, bottles and newspaper racks went flying. Windows were smashed, stores were looted, fires lighted; and more gas filled the streets, with some cops clearly overreacting, escalating and prolonging the conflict. The “Battle in Seattle,” as the WTO protests and their aftermath came to be known, was a huge setback—for the protesters, my cops, the community.

"#OccupyWall Street library staff were assured [by NYPD and the office of Mayor Bloomberg] that they would be able to recover their materials from a city sanitation depot. Indeed, the firestorm of public hue and cry that followed the clearing of the park, the destruction of the library was the only aspect of the action to which the city directly responded. However, when library staff attempted to collect the library’s property on the morning of November 16, they found the laptops smashed, much of the collection missing, and many of the books that were recovered damaged beyond recovery. The damage to the library’s archives of zines, writings, art, and original works is devastating and irreparable."



One of the first acts of a tyrant is to destroy a library.”- Stephen Fry

Tents and tarps are strictly forbidden in Zuccotti Park now [after the Mayor’s forced eviction on 11/15/2011]. During the reoccupation on the evening of November 15, it started to rain so library staff put a clear plastic trash bag over the collection. Within minutes a detail of about 10 police descended and demanded that the covering be removed because they deemed the garbage bag to be a tarp. There were a few tense minutes as staff tried to convince them otherwise, but ultimately it was removed—leaving the collection open to the elements. As the police withdrew, scores of people chanted “BOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKS.” There was still concern that the park might be cleared again that night, and one officer made it clear that “unclaimed property will be removed and disposed of” in reference to the collection. Library staff quickly set up umbrellas over the bulk of the books and began sending librarians home with bags of books to keep the collection safe in remote locations.

Nonetheless, the library remains open.

I’m hating Bloomberg more and more every day. That was such a great media move on his part, of posting the picture of everything ‘safe and sound’ in a warehouse. What BS!

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my first experience with pepper spray by raine



an 80 something year old lady was maced in the face. a pregnant woman was maced two or three times, then hit in the stomach with a bike. a priest was maced. so many fucking people were maced in the face for absolutely no reason. threatened with arrest for standing on the sidewalk. i didn’t get hit directly but it was/is in my contact lenses. it’s in all my fucking clothes and the beautiful scarf helena made me. f u c k cops

Oh my shit.

What’s funny is a dude I’ve clashed with before on the topic of Occupy Wall Street posted this on my facebook status about the raid today: “I find it funny how people seem to think the NYPD are keeping media out so they can use unnecessary force. One track mind.” and “I’ve seen countless videos of occupiers attacking police / being belligerent, as well as countless videos of police being rough with protesters. What’s happening here is that your bleeding heart is making villains of the NYPD. Which is on par with your general attitude towards the Occupy issue.”

It must be nice to not give a fuck about reality.

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